Starting Your Own YouTube Remodeling Channel
Contractors and those with construction experience are considering making their own YouTube channel based on ideas they’ve seen from other influencers and the number of views they get. Come up with the most brilliant marketing video and put millions of dollars behind it, get a dozen likes. Put together a video that shows people how to fix their cabinet door, you’re going to see hundreds of thousands of views within weeks. 

People are looking for information on how to do things. Why? Because doing things yourself is not only rewarding, but a great way to save money. That’s especially valuable right now. If people want to remodel a bathroom, they will consider doing as much of the work themselves. Thanks to information throughout the web like videos on YouTube, you can easily see why this content is valuable. 

Benefits Of Having A YouTube Channel 

You may be wondering why you would want a YouTube Channel. The fact is that it is a lot of work which influencers will tell you it is. The job is literally almost like a full time job so that’s why it takes real dedication. If you are interested in putting in the time, the benefits can be a new source of income as an influencer, a chance to try new projects and tools and really create a strong batch of content people can rely on. 

How To Get Started 

The first thing you will probably wonder about is how to get started with such a unique potential career. Well, the good news is that it’s pretty simple and it can be started in your free time. That’s actually one of the reasons so many people are trying to become influencers, because they want to make extra money but also because it can be done in their free time. Here’s how to begin: 

  • Content: The most important thing you will have to create is content. The basis for your show, the quality of the video, the ads, the audio on everything, blogs and more. These all need to be done well but you also need to develop a signature style that is yours, something that grabs the audience. You will need to create a content strategy and calendar that covers at least 20 episodes and start working on filming them. You want to be able to have at least 20 episodes ready to go before you go live so that you can focus on marketing once you start. 
  • Learn tools: You are skilled with tools in construction, now you will have to learn how to get skilled with tools in filming and editing. Again, the quality of your content is so important and you need to commit to making it the very best. 
  • YouTube & social media: These sites and platforms are tools that can help you launch your content to millions of people. If you want to do this right you need to learn how to utilize these platforms, not only organically, but paid as well. You would be amazed at how much traffic $50 can generate if the content is good and it interests the target audience. 
  • Website: While you are going to focus the majority of your traffic to and from social media and YouTube, you also need to make sure that you have your own website. This will be where you can share your blog, unique content, gather followers emails and sell merchandise. It’s a great way to build your own online presence beyond other platforms. 

There’s a lot of creative ways to build your online presence. Focus on a unique name and always stick to your brand’s message. If you are being funny, then be funny. If you are being serious, then stick to that. It’s all about putting in the work so that you can see long-term success for your efforts. It is the quality of the content that separates the top influencers from those who eventually give up. 

Building Your Following 

Because you are focusing on construction, you are not going to have the same audience as someone who covers college football. The reason is because the people who view your content may only need to view it because you are showing them how to do something. It’s a great option to have and can get you a lot of organic traffic. However, in order to build a real following with construction content, you need to focus on multiple ways of reaching your audience: 

  • Blogs: A great way to generate traffic and interest in your brand and have people come back is with blogs. Yes, videos are huge. However, blogs are going to help you rank on Google and give you more content you can share on social media. 
  • Other content: Perhaps you have a video of you remodeling an old pool deck. When you go onto YouTube you can see someone posted a video recently of how to clean your own pool. You can leave a link to your video in the comments section and hit the same target audience, people who are interested in DIY options, pools and saving money. 
  • Newsletters: One of the best ways to establish the value of your brand and to also connect with your audience directly is through email marketing and newsletters are always at the top of the list. If you can get your subscribers to look forward to your content, they are going to enjoy it each and every month and you can easily promote other products or services as well. 
  • Optimize: Along with the blog, optimizing all your content including your videos and your images will be a great way to generate organic traffic, but also trust in your brand. Someone may see a video you made about a pool deck, but because they saw you for other projects they begin to trust your work and your opinion on products and services. 

Becoming a YouTube and social media influencer requires real dedication and the ability to learn fast and be creative. If you are interested in trying this out, work on the concept of your show while checking out some that are already out there. This will give you ideas and also show you how to be a bit different. It may be the thing your audience likes most.
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