Remodeling a vintage bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most significant yet neglected parts of the house. Besides its utility, it is a place of renewal and refreshment that takes you away from the chaos of the daily grind. Therefore, you would wish for this place to look the way that fits your needs and makes you comfortable. And what can be better than a classic vintage bathroom?

There is something very soothing about the elegant, timeless vintage bathrooms that calm you down and help you find peace at the end of a rough day. And if you are looking for some interesting ideas to remodel your vintage bathroom, you have come to the right place.

Here are some suggestions to remodel your bathroom with vintage and antique styles and parts.

  1. Vintage-inspired floral wallpaper

Picking up the perfect vintage floral designs to adore your bathroom walls is an important step towards giving your bathroom a vibrant personality. It is advised to go with daintier designs for small bathrooms to create an illusion of space. In contrast, large bathrooms already provide ample space to show off beautiful vintage-style wallpaper.

  1. Vintage color scheme

Decorate your bathroom with a carefully chosen color scheme that provides it with an authentic vintage look. Pick one color as a foundation that runs through the entire bathroom. Also, the color scheme should be simple and bold but not bright.

Apart from the do's and don'ts, it is important to keep in mind that you are decorating the bathroom for yourself and not for others. Choose the colors that you love, and nothing will go wrong.

  1. Elegant artwork and lighting

An elegant artwork accompanying the wallpaper is just the perfect addition to enhance your vintage-style bathroom. Even a single piece of artwork can create a focal point and grab the eyeballs.

Also, most people do not take bathroom lighting seriously. But they are also equally important in giving an incredible look to your vintage bathroom.

  1. Getting the perfect bathtub

A bathtub is easily one of the essential features of a bathroom. A vintage bathroom is incomplete if not accompanied by an antique bathtub that suits its style and tone.

  • Clawfoot tub

A freestanding clawfoot tub is a luxury standing in your beautiful vintage bathroom. You can get an idea by looking at some of these tubs here Welcome to Mac The Antique Plumber -

  • Vintage pedestal tub

Pedestal tubs are also popular among those looking for vintage bathtubs. They look like clawfoot tubs, but instead of resting on legs, they rest on a pedestal. Here is how it looks 67-Inch Acrylic Pedestal Tub with Freestanding Faucet and D (

  • Copper bathtub

Another type of vintage tub is the copper bathtub. They usually have one or two rounded raised ends. Copper tubs can either be freestanding or resting on feet. Here are some copper tubs to look for Copper Tubs (

  1. Vintage sink

If you are trying to visualize the perfect sink for your vintage bathrooms, the following can prove to be good options for the same.

  • Pedestal sink

The pedestal sink is mounted on a single pedestal like this one Welcome to Mac The Antique Plumber –

  • Console sink

The console sink generally has two or four legs. Have a look here Welcome to Mac The Antique Plumber -

  • Vessel sink

The vessel sink sits atop a counter or surface instead of being recessed into it.

  • Copper sink

Copper has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a wonderful material for tubs and sinks. This is how it looks Welcome to Mac The Antique Plumber -

  1. Getting the floor tile right

After getting through the color scheme, bathtubs, and various other bathroom accessories, it is very important to go with the right type of floor tile that matches everything.

A crisp white octagonal floor tile with black dot accents is highly recommended as it delights the eye and energizes the spirits.

Moreover, black and white checkboard tiles are also preferable.

  1. Vintage rugs

Vintage rugs can be a phenomenal addition to your vintage bathroom. Adding vintage oriental rugs warms up the bathroom floors and, at the same time, enhances its beauty.

  1. Bathroom furniture

Furniture in a bathroom may sound like a strange idea at first, but it once represented a great fashion choice. The Victorian-style bathroom successfully revived the concept of furnishings in a bathroom that makes a striking impression with its beautiful bench, elaborately upholstered chairs, and dressing table.

  1. Looking for the mirrors

Don't tell me you don't look at yourself in the wall mirrors before you leave the bathroom. The choice of mirror for a bathroom can have a significant visual impact on the bathroom design. In the case of mirrors, wooden frames or gold trims would go with the vintage theme. Also, you can hoist mirrors in small bathrooms to create an illusion of space.

Hoisted mirrors around the rustic vanity will boost the rustic vintage look. Here are some mirrors for you to look into Welcome to Mac The Antique Plumber -

  1. Metallic hardware

To create a magnificent looking vintage-style bathroom, you need to focus on hardware as well. It is advisable to purchase such ornamental metallic pieces that may include brass showerheads or tap fixtures, metallic toilet flush handles, etc. They will give a classic touch to your vintage-style bathrooms.

Well, it seems you are now absolutely ready to remodel your vintage bathroom and turn it into something magnificent. But there is one last issue left to be resolved. Remodeling your bathroom may look like a daunting task if you don't know where to get all the necessary equipment.

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