What to Look For In Antique or Vintage Bathroom Parts

Antique or vintage bathroom fixtures can transform the entire look of any bathroom. Not only do they liven up the visual interest of the bathroom, but they can change the whole space within a day.

If you are considering adding antique or vintage bathroom parts, especially antique tub and shower parts, the first thing to decide is whether you want to install true antiques or you want to go ahead with replicas of period styles or vintage looks. 

Remember that the replica route is, of course, cheaper, but if you want to opt for authenticity, there are several types of national, local, and even online retailers of antique bathroom fixtures you can look at. 

Here are some antique or vintage bathroom parts you can consider adding to your bathroom. 

  1. Bathroom faucets

One of the parts that you can look at first is the bathroom faucets. Antique fixtures, in general, work best if you focus on a specific era while doing the design. Two of the most commonly used time periods are Colonial and Victorian, which can be found at any good retailer, especially one like Mac the Antique Plumber

Antique Victorian bathroom fixtures are usually designed very ornately, and they tend to come with gilded metals, some sculpted wildlife or leaves, or intricate shapes. 

On the other hand, if you opt for colonial designs for your bathroom fixtures, you will find simpler and more practical styles. Straightforward, efficient designs on simple, oil-rubbed brass fixtures are the prevailing designs. 

  1. Adding some authentic Vintage Vibes 

When you have decided to go for an antique or vintage look and feel for your bathroom, the easiest way to achieve this style is by adding antique accessories and accents. 

Even if you have an overall contemporary look in the bathroom, adding things like oriental rugs, gilded accent mirrors, fabric lampshades, antique brass pulls on your cabinets, and perhaps some crystal candle holders can lend an immediate antique appeal to your bathroom. 

It is a common misconception that such antique accessories and accents cost a lot. However, at a very affordable rate, you can purchase your antique accessories from Max the Antique Plumber, who specializes in these vintage items. 

  1. Add an Antique Bathtub

One of the biggest facts to consider when adding tub and shower parts to your bathroom is to choose what kind of bathtub you want to add, or not add. To achieve an antique look, you can think about adding an antique bathtub to your bathroom. And an excellent idea is to opt for a claw foot tub

For those who are wondering about what that is, well, a claw foot tub is just what the name suggests. It is a freestanding bathtub that rests on four feet. However, these bathtubs are not your regular tubs. 

These tubs are the ultimate classic vintage bathtub. This is one item that never goes out of style. And there are many designs you can choose from when it comes to choosing the right tub and shower parts. 

At Mac’s Plumbing store, you can select from the four-foot cast iron clawfoot leg tubs that are approximately 48 inches in size. In this segment also, there are many versions to choose from. You can select a chrome claw foot, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or matte black clawfoot

  1. What about adding an Antique Light Fixture?

Another easy way to change the look and feel of your bathroom is by adding an antique light fixture. With so many options to choose from, the process of choosing the right light fixture can indeed be overwhelming. 

A great idea to include an antique light fixture is to consider side-mounted antique crystal sconces. If you want dim lighting in your bathroom, you can decide on a single latitude sconce or a double latitude sconce

Again, remember that the size and overall style of your bathroom should determine the light fixture you install. The right antique fixture can make a beautiful statement. While considering an antique light fixture for your bathroom, also keep in mind whether you want to go with a brass or chrome finish. 

Chrome and brass finishes are seen as the most versatile options when it comes to antique fixtures as they tend to complement most of the other accessories in the bathroom.

  1. Antique Bathroom Mirror

If you are done deciding on your tub and shower parts, the next thing that can make a huge difference to the entire look of your bathroom is the mirror. A statement mirror can work as the center of attention for your bathroom, especially if you go ahead with a vintage option. 

There are many options for adding an antique mirror, and you can choose from different sizes, styles, and shapes. You can add round mirrors, oval mirrors, or rectangular mirrors. If there is a space crunch in your bathroom, you can even opt to put a smaller-sized mirror that opens out. 

Mac the Antique Plumber is the perfect place to head to for all your antique accessories for a bathroom remodel. With hundreds of options of accessories to choose from, you won’t be disappointed when you shop at Mac the Antique Plumber.

With such a fantastic resource to source your antique bathroom parts and accessories from, you get access to a whole range of vintage options to choose from. You will get to select from vintage shower curtains, and vintage colors, along with advice on choosing the right style for your antique bathroom. 

So without any further delay, head over to Mac's website and start designing your vintage bathroom today. 

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