An easy bathroom remodel guide.

Have you been planning to renovate your bathroom? Are you spending a lot of time deciding the right approach to go forth with the process? Do you want an aesthetic combination of modern functionality and antique design as a part of your revamped bathroom? 

Well, in that case, we have something in store for you. Renovating a bathroom is no joke. Sometimes, we lack the planning, and other times, we might not be able to decide what to incorporate into the renovation process. Remodeling a bathroom should be a satisfying assignment, which could turn your home’s outlook into something magical!

Below are some ways to upgrade your bathroom with a variety of plumbing options; ones that are feasible and will do the job for you-

  • A Shower Pan: What is the role of a shower pan? It is the perfect barrier that prevents the flow of water and is crafted in the shape of a pan. You may opt for shower pan packages that offer the complete set of tools. It will not just add the functionality of your bathroom, it will also enhance its overall look. 

Among the most preferred materials for a shower pan is cast iron. It is sturdy and break-resistant, making it convenient for your usage. Your bathroom will be among the most well-designed corners of your house after this wonderful upgrade!

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  • A Dresser Vanity: It is among the most opted vintage design modifications that people across the globe are vouching for. A dresser vanity is stylish and comes with its advantages. From storage space to offering the apt corner for your dressing-up, this addition is a must-have for you.
  • A Towel Bar: It is a small yet effective addition to your plumbing modifications in the bathroom. You can go for antique designs and vintage-finished towel bars to raise the aesthetics of your bathroom. It will surely upgrade the entire feel.
  • A Shower Door: While shower pans do the job of keeping the water off the bathroom floor, a shower door can also be a smart addition to your existing setup. Whether you want a modern finish with a shower door or a classic one- it is up to you. Whatever the case, showers are a significant part of one’s daily schedule and the right investment always pays off.
  • A Cabinet: With the concept of managing clutter impacting the world-view of lifestyle, cabinets have again become integral parts of life. A bathroom without a cabinet seems cluttered and unmanaged. That is exactly why you need to get one right now. Storing a variety of utilities in the bathroom is essential as it is convenient. So, get this one sooner.
  • An effective Exhaust Fan: While you enjoy your showers and drain the water through the cast iron shower pan, what about the steam? Well, for that, one can never do away with a vent fan. Installing an exhaust fan at the right corner in the washroom ensures that the steam goes out of it. As they say, a cleaner bathroom always gives a sense of achievement.
  • A modern Faucet: It is probably the most frequently used tool in the washroom. So, why not have it your way? Installing a new, modern faucet is a worthy investment. You might have an old house, but renovation is not always about humongous changes. Just a few modifications like this one can add great value to your home, both aesthetically and functionally.
  • The bathroom Glasses: The little window in your bathroom is as important as the shower, the faucet, the tile, etc. So, when you are thinking about renovation plans, give a thought to the glasses on that window. Replacing these can add more warmth to your bathroom. It also rejuvenates the look.

A few non-plumbing factors that can also be considered for improvement while doing the remodeling: 

  • Lighting: the right lighting contributes significantly to the remodeling. What works best in bathrooms are can lights or scones. You can also opt for a chandelier if you have lofty ceilings.
  • Paint: Always go for light hues when it comes to redoing the wall paints in your bathroom. Colors like white, light blue, lavender, or light green are perfect for giving your bathroom the right therapeutic ambiance.

Thus, renovation is not rocket science. It is also not a cakewalk. The right strategy, tools, and of course, the ones who carry out your renovation matter significantly. Experienced plumbing gives an outstanding finish to everything that you install in your home. 

People across the world invest their time, money, and energy in making their homes a perfect place. And this is not possible without upgrading every nook, including the bathroom. There are innumerable options available for your renovation, yet you must only opt for the best one.

Your lifestyle depends on the choices you make. Whether these are tiny or huge, they are eventually going to make a difference to how you live, appear, and feel. While you have the choice, make it worthy, make it stylish. For anything else, reach out to us.

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