Designing an Antique or Vintage Bathroom

Looking at the fabulous designs of bathroom styles makes you want to redo your bathroom. After all, there are so many beautiful bathrooms on social media that you cannot help yourself from wanting to give your bathroom an overhaul as well.

As with most of the rooms in your home, carefully planning and research have to be done on what type of look you want for your bathroom.

One of the coolest trending ideas for bathrooms nowadays is an antique bathroom. An antique or vintage look for your bathroom lends your bathroom a sense of timeless elegance with chic accessories and stylish fixtures. There are many ways to achieve the perfect antique bathroom, and you can even mix and match different styles and themes.

Here are some things to keep in mind while designing an antique or vintage bathroom.

Combining Different Styles with Vintage

Designing an antique bathroom does not mean that you cannot have anything modern or contemporary. Vintage refers to a particular epoch and the main style of that era. There are several vintage styles that you can choose from, including Victorian, Georgian, French country, English country, industrial, art nouveau, shabby chic, and so on.

All these styles can even be combined to give the perfect aesthetics and class to your bathroom. For example, think out of the box and design a black Gothic bathroom with black wallpaper and black walls, and to add the antique factor install a copper tub as the center of attraction.

Or you can even put in a gold carved console table with antique mirrors and have a free-standing cast iron claw foot bathtub that will stand out.

You can find all types of antique bathtubs and all other fixtures at any good retailer, especially one like Mac the Antique Plumber.

Style it with Some Features

Designing or redesigning your bathroom to create an antique look does not mean you need to change the whole space. You can easily do this on a budget and by just changing certain features in the bathroom.

For example, you can cover the floor and walls with subway tiles or black and white tiles. To give your mirror a vintage look, you can use any white, chipped painted wooden frame or even sand down and paint your existing mirror frame in white to give it a more antique look.

If you have space in your bathroom, opt for using porcelain pedestal sinks and match them with faucets that have porcelain handles or even brass hardware. If you find the right retailer, you will be able to find a wide variety of antique bathroom sink faucets.

For example, at Mac the Antique Plumber, you can go through a vast selection of vintage accessories and fixtures, including Widespread, Centerset, Mini Widespread, Wall-Mount, Single Hole, Vessel, Bridge, and Singles bathroom faucets. This charming collection will lend the perfect traditional style to your bathroom, and that too on a budget.

Focus on the Decor

Apart from the big fixture changes that you carry out to transform your bathroom into a vintage room, there are some small-small decorations that you can add to complete the look.

For example, putting up lace curtains will provide a nice touch, and for the curtain rod or railing, you can use wall mounts and iron bars, or even rustic wooden ones to change the look. Coming to the sink, put up some vintage-style glass bottles to replace any plastic bottles you might have around the sink.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on buying these things as you can easily make them yourself at home.

Metallic letters, botanical prints, vintage-style maps, and even subway signs are just some other ideas for using as wall decor. If you don't want to change too much, just changing the wallpaper on the walls and putting in an antique light fixture can transform the appeal of the bathroom.

For example, adding some vintage-inspired floral wallpaper can help pull your entire antique bathroom scheme together. If you have a small bathroom, pay attention to the scale of the flowers in the pattern.

Choosing large flower prints can make your small bathroom appear even smaller. Using a small or dainty floral pattern will lend an illusion of space. And another unique feature can be to take your wallpapering up to the ceiling to make the bathroom stand out.

Even things like changing your toilet to an antique-styled toilet can change the overall look and style of the bathroom.

Of course, when you set out to design your bathroom with an antique look, it can be not easy to get the perfect fixture. At Mac the Antique Plumber, you will find everything you need to help you design the ideal antique bathroom.

From plumbing to furnishings to the entire set-up, Mac the Plumber as it all. You can even get new ideas as you browse through their vast selection of antique bathroom fixtures.

Mac the Antique Plumber is the perfect place to head to for all your antique accessories for a bathroom remodel. With hundreds of options of accessories to choose from, you won’t be disappointed when you shop at Mac the Antique Plumber.

With such a fantastic resource to source your antique bathroom parts and accessories from, you get access to a whole range of vintage options to choose from. You will get to select from vintage shower curtains, and vintage colors, along with advice on choosing the right style for your antique bathroom.

So without any further delay, head over to Mac's website and start designing your vintage bathroom today.

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