Decorating with Antiques

Are you looking for some vintage and antique home decorating inspiration? Do you want to transform the look and feel of your home entirely? 

Well, in this article, we are going to talk about all the antique and vintage home decorating ideas that will brighten up your space beautifully. 

From vintage furnishings to antiques that speak the history of the old world, we are going to compile a list of enticing home decorating ideas that can enhance the beauty of your home. 

In this article, you can check out the tips and hacks to re-model your home with antiques and from where you can buy antique items at affordable prices. 

Tips to Revamp your Home with Antiques 

  1. Vintage Room theme 

How about transforming your bedroom into a vintage-themed based room? If you love antique collections and have a great vintage collectible with you, why don’t you beautifully showcase them? And, there is nothing better than showcasing your antique collection with a theme-based room. 

The collection is endless, from music tapes and funky chairs to tin signs, posters, and phonographs. Just make sure you have a unique collection with you, and you are good to go! 

  1. Can’t skip the bathroom space 

The bathroom is one of the essential spaces of an entire home. If you didn’t revamp your bathroom, you are losing out on a big part of your home. Revamp your bathroom with an antique brass showerhead from Mac The Antique Plumber

Why are we suggesting this antique piece for your bathroom space? Well, it is one of the most distinguished and aesthetic showerheads made from brass metal. The best part is you can adjust the showerhead as you desire. It’s a well-crafted shower head with a unique element in itself and a perfect antique for your bathroom. 

  1. Bar Cart 

A bar cart is a multi-purpose vintage décor item that everyone prefers to keep in their living room or dining space. It is a chic item with a classic look that can enhance any living room. The space for extra storage can assist you in keeping the decanters, shakers, etc., on your bar cart. 

  1. Antique Furniture 

Do you know what the best part about keeping antiques at your home is? They have the power to brighten up the space with a ‘not so’ strict feeling! Agreed? Antique furniture does the same! 

It is not necessary that you have to revamp the centerpiece of your living room whenever there’s a discussion about revamping a home. You can add subtle elements of antique furniture in your living room, like a coffee table, rugs, side table, etc., to invigorate your entire home. Always remember to do it the right way! 

  1. Sconce Lighting 

If you are not revamping the lighting of your space, then you are not transforming the space at all! With proper lighting, you can lighten up any space quickly. And, when we talk about vintage lighting, how can we forget about sconce lighting? Rustic sconces add sparkle to our living room, bedroom, or any other home space. For a more sophisticated yet vintage look, you can try sconces along with candelabras, a perfect combination for vintage home décor! 

Online Store for Antique Collections 

When you combine different antiques from different countries and epochs, it may feel like an antique store to you. Nevertheless, antiques have their elegance that modern décor elements cannot replace. From English mirrors to sconce lighting, statement pieces, to antique furniture, everything feels vintage and outpaces the contemporary trends. 

If you are looking for an online store that provides antique collections, you must check out the Mac The Antique Plumber website. They have an incredible collection of antiques that can help you revamp your home the way you wished for! From bathroom, lighting, kitchen to hardware, accessories, and copper items, they have everything in store for you to explore. 

Just like their antique brass showerhead, they have numerous other items that you cannot miss, especially if you treasure antiques at your home. 

We are listing down some of their popular antique products below. Do check them out because who knows – love, at first sight, happens (it usually happens with antiques ??) 

  • Copper Double Slipper Bathtub – This bathtub exudes vintage vibes and is perfect for those who love to keep their bathroom space 100% traditional and classic. The best part about this bathtub is its rings on the outside. For a relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience, you must go for it without a second thought. 
  • BathTub Vessel Sink – In case you are looking for antiques that entirely transform your bathroom into a classic one, then this one can be one of your best choices. This Bathtub vessel sink designed from copper metal is a perfect antique collection that you can add to your bathroom space. 
  • 5-Light Chandelier –What a vintage beauty! This visually appealing, 100% traditional 5-light chandelier will surely enliven your living room. If you plan to get this antique piece decked up on a living room wall, you can go ahead with this. The color is brushed nickel and made from glass material. 
  • Cabinet Drawer Pull Knob – This cabinet drawer pull knob showcases the colonial revival period. This antique was inspired by that era that depicts the colonial revival. It is available in 3 designs, antique brass, polished nickel, and polished brass. If you are looking for something similar for your bedroom or living room, then here you go. 


To conclude, incorporate your home with vintage-style antiques that showcase the classic you! Revamp your home with antique collectibles with Mac The Antique Plumber. For more details about their product range and prices, you must visit their online store. 

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