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Heavy-Duty Solid Metal Handle and Lever Kit

Heavy-Duty Solid Metal Handle and Lever Kit

Part Number:BS2495976
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Product Overview

  • Innovative universal design fits front, angled and side mount toilet tanks on left or right side and in downward mount position
  • Fixes: sticking handles, corroded levers, outdated designs and broken levers
  • Fits all toilet brands including American Standard, Kohler, Toto, Mansfield, and all others
  • Optimized to powerfully lift 2" and 3" flappers, tower-style flush valves, beaded and link chains
  • Reinforced at elbow for strength
  • Corrosion resistant, guaranteed not to rust
  • Adjustable design eliminates need to bend
  • Includes solid metal handle with chrome finish in classic style
  • Built in USA with US and global components

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